For Yeojin, Fashion has always been about her creative process for the empowerment for women to enjoy the confidence of beautiful clothes. Her process enables her to respect the noble traditions of design, drawing by hand and working on toile then to cardboard patterns, getting personal with how the garment drapes and feels on the body.

Back to her earliest memories as a child in Korea her “happy place” was hand sketching ideas and drawing inspiration from nature, her family and her surroundings.

With just under three decades working in fashion, Yeojin has established a cult following for her stylish silhouettes in luxurious fabrications that allow the wearer to move from day to night. Her pieces are statements in feminine elegance, creating beauty and joy and are selected for an event or to mark a special moment in a women’s life.

Yeojin works freely outside the typical fashion seasons, manufacturing locally and focusing on quality workmanship. Her design integrity rests on an unwavering commitment to her craft.

She has partnered as an ambassador with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Laurent Perrier, Smith Hotel and as an Australian goodwill ambassador to Korea.

Yeojin will now focus her creative endeavours merging traditional ancient knowledge in artisanal textiles to showcase its relevance in our modern design aesthetic and times. She will focus on collaboration’s that support indigenous weavers who work in harmony with their native environment to create designs that are not only beautiful but also ethical, sustainable and regenerative. This aligns with her desire to live and work in balance with the natural world.

As we learn and know better, we should act and do better. 

Yeojin is available to work on like-minded creative collaborations.



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